KNIPEX Cobra Extra Slim Water Pump Pliers - 87 51 250

KN87 51 250

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Knipex Cobra Extra Slim Water Pump Pliers - 87 51 250 has can be used for firm grip and consists of narrow jaws.

  • Ideal for service, maintenance and equipment repair, in automotive and general industry
  • Long, narrow jaws
  • Particularly good access to the workpiece due to very slim construction of head and joint area
  • Firm grip also on flat material due to three-point rest
  • Push the button for adjustment on the workpiece
  • Fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different sizes of workpieces and a comfortable handle width
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts: No slipping on the workpiece and low hand force required
  • Box-joint design for high stability due to double guide

Title 250
Head Polished
Handles With non-slip plastic coating
max. parallel opening width (mm) 37.0
max. gripping depth (mm) 42.0
Length (in) 9.84
Weight (g) 328

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