05105631002 WERA Kraftform Big Pack series 100 VDE VDE s/driver set 14 pcs.


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Wera 105631 Kraftform Big Pack 100 VDE 16 Piece Screwdriver
The ultimate VTXDE screwdriver set : 12 VDE insulated screwdrivers (6 anti-slip lasertip, and one extra slim screwdriver with reduced blade diameter - ideal for recessed screws such as RCBO ), a mains tester and 2 storage racks.

Slotted Voltage Tester 1x0.5x3.0x70
Slotted Extra Slim Screwdriver 1x0.6x3.5x100
Slotted 1x0.4x2.5x80 , 1x0.8x4.0x100 , 1x1.0x5.5x125
PH 1xPH 1X80 , 1xPH 2X100
PZ 1xPZ 1X80 , 1xPZ 2X100
PZ/S 1xPZ/S 1X80 , 1xPZ/S 2X100
TORX 1xTX 10X80 , 1xTX 15X80 , 1x TX 20X80
Includes 2 Rack

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Kraftform: The safety screwdriver with Lasertip blade, voltage tester and rack
Application:Slotted, Phillips, PlusMinus (Pozidriv/slotted), Pozidriv and TORX® screws
Content:14-piece set in display carton


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